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Say “No” to Jaw Pain

TMJ/TMD Treatment

This treatment option is to help with symptoms associated with TMD. Dr. Nicholson of Kinston Dental Associates has advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint disorder, also known as TMD. Some people refer to this condition as TMJ; however, that is simply the acronym for the joint itself. Call our Kinston, NC, office for TMJ examination, diagnosis, and treatment today.

TMJ Dysfunction

Symptoms of TMD include headaches, jaw pain, and facial pain. Some patients can deal with the discomfort while some find the pain debilitating. Many times the pain is related to a dysfunction of the joints or muscles in the face and jaw.

Why Choose Kinston Dental Associates for TMJ Pain?

Dr. Brandon Nicholson has completed advanced training in an effective technique to treat TMJ dysfunction. Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) involves computer-guided bite adjustment to correct discrepancies that could be contributing to the TMJ pain. He is a member of the Center for Neural Occlusion (CNO).


Disclusion Time Reduction uses a digital bite sensor called a T-Scan to discover bite discrepancies accurately. It works simultaneously with the BioPak EMG to measure muscle activity during functional jaw movements. The treatment involves computer-aided bite adjustments while measuring muscle activity to achieve certain measured endpoints.

Dr. Nicholson will be able to see how the bite corrections reduce the overall muscle activity. The process relieves pain because the musculature is no longer overactive and spastic. With this type of treatment, there is NO use of splints, bite guards, TENS therapy, or Botox. Many patients will experience a noticeable change after one appointment.

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